Weekendend Update 3

Finally about delve back in IM hard again.  I’ve had an amazing summer and now that Labor day weekend is almost over about to focus harder then ever.  I have had some more small conversions from Youtube marketing I have done in the past.  Great feeling seeing past work pay off – work I almost forgot I did.

Within a month I will start to build a list and share how I learned how I did it.

Reputation Through Repatation

Nowadays with so much business online and not a lot to face to face it can be easy to forget how important it is to build a Reputation. A solid Reputation gives the buyer confidence in the products you have for sale.

To build your reputation you must provide value to your customers before and after the sale and be real. To be real, it means authentic, don’t bullshit your customers. This will keep them coming back. There is nothing worse then buyer’s remorse.

My First Conversion!

I have been real busy with work and school but I had my first conversion today. It was from work I did over a month ago. It’s a great feeling knowing I made return on my investment.

Simple, but shares my feelings on value.

Weekendend Update 2

Hi All,

So this week was another milestone.

I was able to get:

1. My first landing page with regular hosting up and running.

2. Made my first group of video using xtranormal.com

3. Got the LLC registered

4. Learned more about cleaning up wordpress blogs

There’s been a lot of work getting ready to get ready to make money haha.  When I start pulling the numbers… will forward the info.

Weekendend update

So being busy with weddings/sporting events/MBA/etc I have been doing my best to stay up on my IM.

Where am I headed?  Through the day I have thoughts about different niches that one day I will pursue.  So instead of just letting these ideas slip away, I have opened blogs up where I can leave my notes.  Instead of writing notes down and one day adding them to a blog – just put them on a blog.  This is more of current brain fart that I am not trying to hid,  haha.   So I’ve been adding to these from my android as soon as they pop into my head.

So anyway, I am working on making this blog and the others look presentable this week. I finally acquired photo shop and as you can see at the top, I have added my new header. So with the use of the tool of photo shop, I should be able to make my blogs look great, then I can move into the more affiliate marketing when I sit down to do work.

Info Overloadddddd

Over the past week I have been learning so much about different ways to make money online.  There is so many different ways anyone could go and I feel it can be real easy to just keep searching about which way is best.  There is no perfect way.  Just pick one and act.  After conversing with fellow IMers, it is best to follow your business model.  I want to make money online, so I am going to take part in youtube marketing.  I have signed up with animoto and have been learning how to make quick videos and posting them to youtube for FREE.

There is no perfect way.

Chose a path you have been thinking about and take ACTION.

To take action, have a mind map of things that need to get done in order and FRICKIN DO IT.

Add Subscription Box to WordPress

Its real easy.  Simply go to my dashboard –> appearance –> widgets  and simply drag subscription to where you want it to show up.

This is not the same to as an opt-in list*

Get Rid of Just Another Blog at WordPress

It is the “tagline.” Go to settings –> general. Hit save changes after you change it.

Notice mine says history in the making at top and bottom

Godaddy Redirect / Domain Forwarding and Masking

It takes a few minutes to be effective but this is really helpful info!

To Forward or Mask Your Domain

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. In the My Products section, click Domain Manager.
  3. Select the domains to modify.
  4. Click Forward, and then select Forward Domain.
  5. Select http:// or https:// depending on your server settings. For more information, see HTTP vs. HTTPS.
  6. In the Forward to field, enter the URL to which you want your domain to forward.
  7. To automatically update your nameservers to accommodate your forwarding changes, select Update my DNS setting to support this change.